Center Policies

Man-Made Disaster Policy

In the event of a man-made disaster such as a chemical spill, gas leak, etc., the children will be evacuated by employees and transported in employees' automobiles to an alternate facility. All parents will be contacted and informed of the evacuation and given instructions on how they can pick up their child(ren). A report will be made and an incident report filed with the Cabinet of Health and Family Services within 24-hours of the incident.

Natural Disaster Policy

The following procedure will be followed in the event of a natural disaster such as tornado, threatening winds, etc.: the children will be moved to the basement or an inside room of the center. A battery operated radio will be maintained on the premises for updates on threatening conditions. Flashlights will be on hand for use if needed. In the event the situation requires evacuation, the same procedure used for man made disasters will be followed. Parents will be notified as soon as possible. The Department of Human Resources will be informed in the event of an actual disaster, and an incident report will be filed within 24 hours of the disaster.

Snow/Ice Policy

Southside Christian Child Care reserves the right to close the Center or close early on days there is a snow or ice emergency. Emergency conditions cannot be predicted, so please be prepared for short notices on snow or ice days. This does not change your child's rates or fees. The policy is for your children's and the staff's safety. Closings will be announced on local television stations as early as possible.

Discipline Policy

Your child will be disciplined in a manner which is not abusive or embarrassing. Discipline of children 3 and up will be in the form of redirection first, then separation from the other children for one minute per age of the child ("time out"). If discipline is a persistent problem for a child, the director will have a conference with the parent. Uncontrollable behavior problems will result in dismissal from the center.


Parents will be notified if a child does not return from school on the bus.

Medication Policy

Prescription medication will be given daily at 11:00am and 3:00pm if you provide the medication in the original container showing the child's name and the medication instructions. The medicine authorization sheet must be filled out and completed daily with parent's signature before any medication can be administered. An incomplete form will result in the staff not being able to administer the medication. The person administering the medication will sign the sheet indicating the date, time, and dosage given. Medication must be taken home at the end of each day.

Over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol that does not state the dosage amount for the child's age on the label must be accompanied by a doctor's statement with dosage instructions. Staff cannot administer over-the-counter medication without this.

Emergency Medical Procedures

In the event that a child is injured at the Center and requires emergency medical treatment, he/she will be transported to Kosair Hospital or the hospital of parent's choice. Emergency medical treatment is defined as any treatment recommended by the director of a Center, an emergency medical technician, or any other certified medical person. Treatment will be administered. Parents or legal guardians of the child will be notified as soon as possible and will also be held accountable for any and all medical expenses related to the child's injury or illness. This includes any medical transportation.

Any insurance information which was given to the director during enrollment will be given to the hospital administration. It is the parent's or legal guardian's responsibility to notify the director in any changes to insurance. Southside Christian Child Care and its employees are not responsible for any medical or transportation expenses.

Child Abuse Policy

Southside Christian Child Care will comply with Kentucky State Law in reporting any suspicion or evidence of child abuse. The Child Abuse Hotline will be contacted and a report filed. A report will be made to the police if necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the child. The Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services will be notified, and an incident report will be filed within 24 hours.

Staff Child Abuse

If a staff member uses loud, negative, or abusive voices he/she will receive a verbal warning for the first incident. The director will meet with the staff member and give a written warning for a second incident.

If a staff member is suspected of physical or mental abuse, the staff member will be suspended immediately pending an investigation and the Child Abuse Policy will be followed. The parent of the child allegedly abused will be notified.

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