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Southside Christian Child Care is committed to providing the best possible environment for your child. From our innovative learning programs, our hands-on approach to education, convenient locations and excellent staff, we want the best for your child. Parents recommend our child care program all of the time, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

Social Growth and Educational Progress

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Words cannot express the love that we have for each and every one of your teachers that take such good care of our son, Charlie, every day. Charlie started at Southside Christian Child Care for the first time in his life, February 2012. Mommy went back to work full time. Mommy was a stay-at-home mommy for 3 years until February. I can remember like it was yesterday, when Mrs. Barbara would have to pull Charlie from my hip in the mornings - kicking and screaming. She would take him from my arms, hold him, and talk to him. She would find way to make him smile. She would find ways to explain to him that Mommy would be back and that he was going to be 'OK'. Here we are, 4 months later and I drop Charlie off to Mrs. Barbara and say "Bye Charlie, Mommy loves you. See you in a little while." He runs to the window now and waves goodbye to me, and I can look at Mrs. Barbara and she knows...she can see the smile on my face. Mrs. Barbara is very special to me. She has always been there to answer the phone if I ever wanted to know how his day was. She is proud of him too. Thank you Mrs. Barbara for being such a wonderful, special person in our lives. Mrs. Melanie, Thank You for all of the wonderful, special things you make with Charlie. He brings them home and my fridge is full of Charlie's art work that he does in your class. He speaks so much better now and he comes home singing song every day! You are so special to us. Thank you so much for all that you do! Mrs. Amie, Thank You for providing our family with such love from your school.

Chasity R.

We Care About Your Children

I enrolled my daughter at Southside Christian Child Care, when she was eight months old. She started in the infants room and transitioned into the toddlers room. I am a very protective and involved mother and was apprehensive about sending my daughter to daycare, even though I needed to work and could not be a stay-at-home mom. With that being said, my daughter's face was the only meter I used to gauge the trustworthiness and competence of this day care. She did not cling to us when we dropped her off in the morning and was always happy and upbeat when we went to pick her up in the afternoon. I always watched other children that attended this child care and noticed their experience was similiar to that of my daughter's.

When accidents occurred I was notified that day and there physical documentation of the accident with a copy for me to sign. I felt the members treated my daughter with love and the proper care she needed. My utmost concern was that my daughter was treated with love and kindness while she was away from me and I feel that Southside Christian Child Care did just that.

We sing all of the songs she learned and I am encouraged by her level of happiness. She speaks positively about all the children and members of the daycare.

The members have proved their knowledge and professionalism to me again and again. If you are reading this, you are probably searching for evidence that this is a suitable place to leave your child while you work. I would highly recommend this child care to anyone searching for a safe, affordable, Christian-oriented atmosphere for their child.

Rebecca B.

Engaging Staff

I want to praise and thank the staff of Southside Christian Child Care for the care and instruction they are providing my daughter. She began attending Southside as an infant at just 15 weeks old. I left her with Ms. Judy who will forever be endeared to our family for the excellent care she provided our baby girl. She has since progressed in the program, and while I have always enjoyed her attending the Center, I have noticed tremendous improvements in her since Ms. Cheryl's arrival last August. Cheryl is visible and present during drop-off and pick-up each day. Most importantly, you rarely find her sitting behind her desk. Instead she is changing diapers in the infant room, leading toddlers in song, or vacuuming and mopping a classroom at the end of the day. She is obviously a woman who is not going to ask her staff to do a job that she would not do herself.

Although my daughter is not quite two, I am witnessing the efforts of her teachers to prepare her to attend school. She loves to color and sing songs, and recently I have noticed she mimics counting and reciting letters of the alphabet. My hope is that my daughter will continue at Southside until she begins Kindergarten.

The instruction and socialization that she is receiving is accompanied by genuine love and affection. My daughter lives with chronic allergies, including severe food allergies. The entire staff at Southside has shown tremendous empathy and they are all helping by learning as much as they can about her condition. I cannot thank them enough for their vigilance.

Ali W.

Our Commitment To Excellence

I am single mother of a 7-month old preemie. My daughter was born 6 weeks early and while she has no huge medical concerns, she does require a close eye on things like eating enough and staying warm. Child care isn't usually an option that anyone wants, I know I didn't. If I could have stayed home with her, I would have, but being a single parent means having to work.

I came across Southside Christian Child Care in the process of looking. When I called and explained our situation, the staff was more than helpful. We were welcomed with open arms. During the tour I was told about a few special needs cases - allergies, parent's requests, etc. And the adjustments the Center makes to accommodate all needs.

I was pleased about the strict way that Southside follows State Regulations, as well as any requests I may make specifically. Even in the infant room they do a 'circle time; which generally consists of sons and baby signs for better learning. Also, my daughter isn't left in one place (such as bouncy chair or swing) for extended periods of time. She is moved every 20 minutes to a new activity.

The daily sheets are very well kept and give a great deal of information about the day, and anything they don't tell, I am told when I arrive. I have gone in at various times of the day to pick up my daughter and she has always been happy and clean. But not only the basics and just looked after; but I also feel that she is loved there. She is not only given attention, but affection as well.

Every morning when we arrive we are greeted by name and attended to. When my little girl sees staff members, especially those she is most acquainted with, she smiles big and it shows just how much she also enjoys her time at the center. I have been encouraged to call anytime to check on her during the day, and have never been rushed off the phone or had someone seem like they were too busy to speak with me about my child.

I have also observed some of the older children in the center as well. They are taught manners and hygiene, as well as educational and religious programs. All factors which make me believe that unless there is a situation out of our control, my daughter will continue to attend through her preschool years. I could not be more pleased about the choice we made in choosing Southside Christian Child Care for my daughter and I recommend it to other parents as well.

Samantha C.


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